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Resolution of disputes by arbitrationAppointment of arbitratorsProcedureDecisionEnforcement.

(1) Disputes arising under RCW 70.87.200(2) shall be resolved by arbitration. The request shall be sent using a method by which the mailing can be tracked or the delivery can be confirmed.
(2) The department shall appoint one arbitrator; the municipality shall appoint one arbitrator; and the arbitrators chosen by the department and the municipality shall appoint the third arbitrator. If the two arbitrators cannot agree on the third arbitrator, the presiding judge of the Thurston county superior court, or his or her designee, shall appoint the third arbitrator.
(3) The arbitration shall be held pursuant to the procedures in chapter 7.04A RCW, except that RCW 7.04A.280(1)(f) shall not apply. The decision of the arbitrators is final and binding on the parties. Neither party may appeal a decision to any court.
(4) A party may petition the Thurston county superior court to enforce a decision of the arbitrators.


ApplicationCaptions not lawSavingsEffective date2005 c 433: See RCW 7.04A.290 through 7.04A.310 and 7.04A.900.
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