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AccidentsReport and investigationCessation of useRemoval of damaged parts.

The owner or the owner's duly authorized agent shall promptly notify the department of each accident to a person requiring the service of a physician or resulting in a disability exceeding one day, and shall afford the department every facility for investigating and inspecting the accident. The department shall without delay, after being notified, make an inspection and shall place on file a full and complete report of the accident. The report shall give in detail all material facts and information available and the cause or causes, so far as they can be determined. The report shall be open to public inspection at all reasonable hours. When an accident involves the failure or destruction of any part of the construction or the operating mechanism of a conveyance, the use of the conveyance is forbidden until it has been made safe; it has been reinspected and any repairs, changes, or alterations have been approved by the department; and a permit has been issued by the department. The removal of any part of the damaged construction or operating mechanism from the premises is forbidden until the department grants permission to do so.
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