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Powers of attorney general.

On request of the department, the attorney general may:
(1) File suit to collect a penalty assessed by the department;
(2) Seek a civil injunction, show cause order, or contempt order against the person who repeatedly violates a provision of this chapter;
(3) Seek an ex parte inspection warrant if the person refuses to allow the department to inspect a conveyance;
(4) File suit asking the court to enforce a cease and desist order or a subpoena issued by the director under this chapter; and
(5) Take any other legal action appropriate and necessary for the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter.
All suits shall be brought in the district or superior court of the district or county in which the defendant resides or transacts business. In any suit or other legal action, the department may ask the court to award costs and attorney's fees. If the department prevails, the court shall award the appropriate costs and attorney's fees.
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