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Construction, installation must conform to rulesInspection certificate.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no power boiler, low pressure boiler, or unfired pressure vessel which does not conform to the rules and regulations formulated by the board governing new construction and installation shall be installed and operated in this state after twelve months from the date upon which the first rules and regulations under this chapter pertaining to new construction and installation shall have become effective, unless the boiler or unfired pressure vessel is of special design or construction, and is not covered by the rules and regulations, nor is in any way inconsistent with such rules and regulations, in which case an inspection certificate may at its discretion be granted by the board.
(2) An inspection certificate may also be granted for boilers and pressure vessels manufactured before 1951 which do not comply with the code requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers adopted under this chapter, if the boiler or pressure vessel is operated exclusively for the purposes of public exhibition, and the board finds, upon inspection, that operation of the boiler or pressure vessel for such purposes is not unsafe.
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