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Preservation of vital recordsTransfer to state archives. (Effective January 1, 2021.)

(1) The state registrar shall develop and implement a preservation management policy for the vital records system for permanent preservation while in the custody of the state registrar.
(2) The state registrar shall transfer the custody of vital records to the state archives in accordance with state archival procedures when:
(a) One hundred years have elapsed after the date of live birth or fetal death;
(b) Twenty-five years have elapsed after the date of death; and
(c) Twenty-five years have elapsed after the date of marriage, divorce, dissolution of marriage, dissolution of domestic partnership, declaration of invalidity of marriage, declaration of invalidity of domestic partnership, or legal separation.
(3) The state archives may provide noncertified copies of original vital records in the custody of the state archives, due to a transfer under subsection (2) of this section, to the public.
(4) The state archives may not:
(a) Charge the department a fee or pass along costs to transfer the vital records to state archives or maintain the vital records in the state archives, other than those charged through the central services billing model for the cost of operating the state archives; or
(b) Alter, amend, or delete certification items on the vital records.
(5) Sealed records must remain sealed and in the custody of the department.
(6) In consultation with the state archives, the state registrar shall prescribe the format and method of delivery of vital records transferred to the state archives.
(7) The department may retain records for the purpose of issuing certifications under RCW 70.58A.530.
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