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Compensation of local registrars. (Effective until January 1, 2021.)

A local registrar shall be paid the sum of one dollar for each birth, death, or fetal death certificate registered for his or her district which sum shall cover making out the burial-transit permit and record of the certificate to be filed and preserved in his or her office. If no births or deaths were registered during any month, the local registrar shall be paid the sum of one dollar for each report to that effect: PROVIDED, That all local health officers who are by statute required to serve as local registrars shall not be entitled to the fee of one dollar. Neither shall any members of their staffs be entitled to the above fee of one dollar when such persons serve as deputy registrars. All fees payable to local registrars shall be paid by the treasurer of the county or city, properly chargeable therewith, out of the funds of the county or city, upon warrants drawn by the auditor, or other proper officer of the county or city. No warrant shall be issued to a local registrar except upon a statement, signed by the state registrar, stating the names and addresses respectively of the local registrars entitled to fees from the county or city, and the number of certificates and reports of births, deaths, and fetal deaths, properly returned to the state registrar, by each local registrar, during three preceding calendar months prior to the date of the statement, and the amount of fees to which each local registrar is entitled, which statement the state registrar shall file with the proper officers during the months of January, April, July, and October of each year. Upon filing of the statement, the auditor or other proper officer of the county or city shall issue warrants for the amount due each local registrar.
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