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Contracts for purchase of real or personal property.

Any public hospital district may execute an executory conditional sales contract with any other municipal corporation, the state, or any of its political subdivisions, the government of the United States, or any private party for the purchase of any real or personal property, or property rights, in connection with the exercise of any powers or duties which such districts now or hereafter are authorized to exercise, if the entire amount of the purchase price specified in such contract does not result in a total indebtedness in excess of the limitation imposed by RCW 39.36.020, as now or hereafter amended, to be incurred without the assent of the voters of the district: PROVIDED, That if such a proposed contract would result in a total indebtedness in excess of three-fourths of one percent of the value of taxable property in such public hospital district, a proposition in regard to whether or not such a contract may be executed shall be submitted to the voters for approval or rejection in the same manner that bond issues for capital purposes are submitted to the voters. The term "value of taxable property" shall have the meaning set forth in RCW 39.36.015.
[1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 78 ยง 1.]
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