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Additional duties and powers of the association and secretaryPenaltyRules.

In addition to the duties and powers enumerated elsewhere in this chapter:
(1) The association may, pursuant to either vote of its board of directors or request of the secretary, audit compliance with reporting obligations established under the association's plan of operation. Upon failure of any entity that has been audited to reimburse the costs of such audit as certified by vote of the association's board of directors within forty-five days of notice of such vote, the secretary shall assess a civil penalty of one hundred fifty percent of the amount of such costs.
(2) The association may establish an interest charge for late payment of any assessment under this chapter. The secretary shall assess a civil penalty against any health carrier or third-party administrator that fails to pay an assessment within three months of notification under RCW 70.290.030. The civil penalty under this subsection is one hundred fifty percent of such assessment.
(3) The secretary and the association are authorized to file liens and seek judgment to recover amounts in arrears and civil penalties, and recover reasonable collection costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. Civil penalties so levied must be deposited in the universal vaccine purchase account created in RCW 43.70.720.
(4) The secretary may adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW as necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.
(5) Upon request of the health care authority, the secretary and the association must provide the health care authority with any available information maintained by the association needed to calculate the proportional share of program costs under RCW 71.24.064.
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