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Correction facility inmatesCounseling and testing of persons who present a possible riskTraining for administrators and superintendentsProcedure.

(1) Department of corrections facility administrators may order pretest counseling, HIV testing, and posttest counseling for inmates if the secretary of corrections or the secretary's designee determines that actual or threatened behavior presents a possible risk to the staff, general public, or other inmates. The department of corrections shall establish a procedure to document the possible risk which is the basis for the HIV testing. "Possible risk," as used in this section, shall be defined by the department of corrections after consultation with the board. Possible risk, as used in the documentation of the behavior, or threat thereof, shall be reviewed with the inmate.
(2) Department of corrections administrators and superintendents who are authorized to make decisions about testing and dissemination of test information shall, at least annually, participate in training seminars on public health considerations conducted by the assistant secretary for public health or her or his designee.
(3) Administrative hearing requirements set forth in chapter 34.05 RCW do not apply to the procedure developed by the department of corrections pursuant to this section. This section shall not be construed as requiring any hearing process except as may be required under existing federal constitutional law.
(4) RCW 70.24.340 does not apply to the department of corrections or to inmates in its custody or subject to its jurisdiction.
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