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Ambulance servicesWork groupPatient transportationMental health or chemical dependency services.

(1) The department, in consultation with the department of social and health services, shall convene a work group comprised of members of the steering committee and representatives of ambulance services, firefighters, mental health providers, and chemical dependency treatment programs. The work group shall establish alternative facility guidelines for the development of protocols, procedures, and applicable training appropriate to the level of emergency medical service provider for the appropriate transport of patients in need of immediate mental health or chemical dependency services. 
(2) The alternative facility guidelines shall consider when transport to a mental health facility or chemical dependency treatment program is necessary as determined by:
(a) The presence of a medical emergency that requires immediate medical care;
(b) The severity of the mental health or substance use disorder needs of the patient;
(c) The training of emergency medical service personnel to respond to a patient experiencing emergency mental health or substance use disorders; and
(d) The risk the patient presents to the patient's self, the public, and the emergency medical service personnel.
(3) By July 1, 2016, the department shall make the guidelines available to all regional emergency medical services and trauma care councils for incorporation into regional emergency medical services and trauma care plans under RCW 70.168.100.
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