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Negotiated rule makingStatewide unit of licenseesIntent.

(1) Solely for the purposes of negotiated rule making pursuant to RCW 34.05.310(2)(a) and 70.128.040, a statewide unit of all adult family home licensees is appropriate. As of July 22, 2007, the exclusive representative of adult family home licensees in the statewide unit shall be the organization certified by the American arbitration association as the sole representative after the association conducts a cross-check comparing authorization cards against the department of social and health services' records and finds that majority support for the organization exists. If adult family home licensees seek to select a different representative thereafter, the adult family home licensees may request that the American arbitration association conduct an election and certify the results of the election.
(2) In enacting this section, the legislature intends to provide state action immunity under federal and state antitrust laws for the joint activities of licensees and their exclusive representative to the extent such activities are authorized by this chapter.


Part headings not lawSeverabilityConflict with federal requirements2007 c 184: See notes following RCW 41.56.029.
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