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"Eye protection areas" defined.

As used in this chapter:
"Eye protection areas" means areas within vocational or industrial arts shops, science or other school laboratories, or schools within state institutional facilities as designated by the state superintendent of public instruction in which activities take place involving:
(1) Hot molten metals or other molten materials;
(2) Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, grinding, or stamping of any solid materials;
(3) Heat treatment, tempering or kiln firing of any metal or other materials;
(4) Gas or electric arc welding, or other forms of welding processes;
(5) Corrosive, caustic, or explosive materials;
(6) Custodial or other service activity potentially hazardous to the eye: PROVIDED, That nothing in this chapter shall supersede regulations heretofore or hereafter established by the department of labor and industries respecting such activity; or
(7) Any other activity or operation involving mechanical or manual work in any area that is potentially hazardous to the eye.
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