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On-site sewage program management plansAuthority of certain boards of health.

(1) A local board of health in the twelve counties bordering Puget Sound implementing an on-site sewage program management plan may:
(a) Impose and collect reasonable rates or charges in an amount sufficient to pay for the actual costs of administration and operation of the on-site sewage program management plan; and
(b) Contract with the county treasurer to collect the rates or charges imposed under this section in accordance with RCW 84.56.035.
(2) In executing the provisions in subsection (1) of this section, a local board of health does not have the authority to impose a lien on real property for failure to pay rates and charges imposed by this section.
(3) Nothing in this section provides a local board of health with the ability to impose and collect rates and charges related to the implementation of an on-site sewage program management plan beyond those powers currently designated under RCW 70.05.060(7).
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