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Service of orders.

(1) An extreme risk protection order issued under RCW 7.94.040 must be personally served upon the respondent, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.
(2) The law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area in which the respondent resides shall serve the respondent personally, unless the petitioner elects to have the respondent served by a private party.
(3) If service by a law enforcement agency is to be used, the clerk of the court shall cause a copy of the order issued under this chapter to be forwarded on or before the next judicial day to the law enforcement agency specified in the order for service upon the respondent. Service of an order issued under this chapter takes precedence over the service of other documents, unless the other documents are of a similar emergency nature.
(4) If the law enforcement agency cannot complete service upon the respondent within ten days, the law enforcement agency shall notify the petitioner. The petitioner shall provide information sufficient to permit such notification.
(5) If an order entered by the court recites that the respondent appeared in person before the court, the necessity for further service is waived and proof of service of that order is not necessary.
(6) If the court previously entered an order allowing service of the notice of hearing and petition, or an ex parte extreme risk protection order, by publication or mail under RCW 7.94.070, or if the court finds there are now grounds to allow such alternate service, the court may permit service by publication or mail of the extreme risk protection order issued under this chapter as provided in RCW 7.94.070. The court order must state whether the court permitted service by publication or service by mail.
(7) Returns of service under this chapter must be made in accordance with the applicable court rules.
[2017 c 3 ยง 7 (Initiative Measure No. 1491, approved November 8, 2016).]
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