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Redelivery bond.

(1) At the hearing on the order to show cause or at any time before the sheriff takes possession of the property, the defendant may post a redelivery bond and retain possession of the property pending final judgment in the action for possession. At any time after the sheriff takes possession and before release of the property to the plaintiff as provided in RCW 7.64.047, the defendant may require the sheriff to return the property by posting a redelivery bond.
(2) A redelivery bond may be given to the sheriff or filed with the court. If the bond is filed with the court after a certified copy of the order awarding possession has been issued to the sheriff, the defendant shall give notice of the filing to the sheriff.
(3) The redelivery bond shall be executed by one or more sufficient sureties to the effect that they are bound in an amount equal to the value of the bond filed by the plaintiff, conditioned that the defendant will deliver the property to the plaintiff if judgment is entered for the plaintiff in the action for possession and will pay any sum recovered by the plaintiff in that action.
(4) The defendant's sureties, upon a notice to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney, of not less than two, nor more than six days, shall justify as provided by law; upon such justification, the sheriff shall release the property to the defendant. The sheriff shall be responsible for the defendant's sureties until they justify, or until justification is completed or expressly waived, and may retain the property until that time; but if they, or others in their place, fail to justify at the time and place appointed, the sheriff shall release the property to the plaintiff.
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