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Employment and compensation of professionals.

(1) The receiver, with the court's approval, may employ one or more attorneys, accountants, appraisers, auctioneers, or other professional persons that do not hold or represent an interest adverse to the estate to represent or assist the receiver in carrying out the receiver's duties.
(2) A person is not disqualified for employment under this section solely because of the person's employment by, representation of, or other relationship with a creditor or other party in interest, if the relationship is disclosed in the application for the person's employment and if the court determines that there is no actual conflict of interest or inappropriate appearance of a conflict.
(3) This section does not preclude the court from authorizing the receiver to act as attorney or accountant if the authorization is in the best interests of the estate.
(4) The receiver, and any professionals employed by the receiver, is permitted to file an itemized billing statement with the court indicating both the time spent, billing rates of all who perform work to be compensated, and a detailed list of expenses and serve copies on any person who has been joined as a party in the action, or any person requesting the same, advising that unless objections are filed with the court, the receiver may make the payments specified in the notice. If an objection is filed, the receiver or professional whose compensation is affected may request the court to hold a hearing on the objection on five days' notice to the persons who have filed objections. If the receiver is a custodial receiver appointed in aid of foreclosure, payment of fees and expenses may be allowed upon the stipulation of any creditor holding a security interest in the property for whose benefit the receiver is appointed.


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