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Restraining orderServiceViolation of order or injunction.

After the plaintiff applies for a temporary or preliminary injunction, the court may, upon a showing of good cause, issue an ex parte restraining order restraining the defendant and all other persons from removing or in any manner interfering with the personal property and contents of the place where the nuisance is alleged to exist, until the court grants or denies the plaintiff's application for a temporary or preliminary injunction or until further order of the court. However, pending the court's decision on the injunction, the temporary restraining order shall not restrain the exhibition or sale of any film, publication or item of stock in trade. The order may require that at least one original of each film or publication shall be preserved pending the hearing on the injunction. The court may require an inventory and full accounting of all business transactions.
The officer serving the restraining order or preliminary injunction may serve the order by handing to and leaving a copy with any person in charge of the place or residing in the place, or by posting a copy in a conspicuous place at or upon one or more of the principal doors or entrances to the place, or by both delivery and posting. The officer serving the restraining order or injunction shall forthwith make and return to the court, an inventory of the personal property and contents situated in and used in conducting or maintaining the alleged nuisance.
Any violation of the temporary order or injunction is a contempt of court. Mutilation or removal of a posted order that is in force is a contempt of court if the posted order or injunction contains a notice to that effect.
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