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Applicability of chapter.

(1) This chapter applies only to residential real property consisting solely of a single-family residence, a residential condominium unit, or a residential cooperative unit.
(2) For purposes of this chapter:
(a) Property is "abandoned" when there are no signs of occupancy and at least three of the following indications of abandonment are visible from the exterior:
(i) The absence of furnishings and personal items consistent with residential habitation;
(ii) The gas, electric, or water utility services have been disconnected;
(iii) Statements by neighbors, passersby, delivery agents, or government employees that the property is vacant;
(iv) Multiple windows on the property are boarded up or closed off or are smashed through, broken, or unhinged, or multiple window panes are broken and unrepaired;
(v) Doors on the residence are substantially damaged, broken off, unhinged, or conspicuously open;
(vi) The property has been stripped of copper or other materials, or interior fixtures have been removed;
(vii) Law enforcement officials have received at least one report within the immediately preceding six months of trespassing or vandalism or other illegal activities by persons who enter unlawfully on the property;
(viii) The property has been declared unfit for occupancy and ordered to remain vacant and unoccupied pursuant to an order issued by a municipal or county authority or a court of competent jurisdiction;
(ix) Construction was initiated on the property and was discontinued before completion, leaving a building unsuitable for occupancy, and construction has not taken place for at least six months;
(x) Newspapers, circulars, flyers, or mail has accumulated on the property or the United States postal service has discontinued delivery to the property;
(xi) Rubbish, trash, debris, neglected vegetation, or natural overgrowth has accumulated on the property;
(xii) Hazardous, noxious, or unhealthy substances or materials have accumulated on the property;
(xiii) Other credible evidence exists indicating the intent to vacate and abandon the property.
(b) Property is in "mid-foreclosure" when, pursuant to chapter 61.24 RCW, a notice of default or notice of preforeclosure options has been issued or a notice of trustee's sale has been recorded in the office of the county auditor.
(c) Property is a "nuisance" when so determined by a county, city, or town pursuant to its authority under chapter 7.48 RCW or RCW 35.22.280, 35.23.440, 35.27.410, or 36.32.120.
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