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Issuer may provide coverage for cost or administration of investigational productDenial of coverage.

(1) An issuer may, but is not required to, provide coverage for the cost or the administration of an investigational product provided to an eligible patient pursuant to this chapter.
(2)(a) An issuer may deny coverage to an eligible patient who is treated with an investigational product for harm to the eligible patient caused by the investigational product and is not required to cover the costs associated with receiving the investigational product or the costs demonstrated to be associated with an adverse effect that is a result of receiving the investigational product.
(b) Except as stated in (a) of this subsection, an issuer may not deny coverage to an eligible patient for: (i) The eligible patient's serious or immediately life-threatening disease or condition; (ii) benefits that accrued before the day on which the eligible patient was treated with an investigational product; or (iii) palliative or hospice care for an eligible patient who was previously treated with an investigational product but who is no longer being treated with an investigational product.
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