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Immediate danger to public healthSummarily suspending licenseWritten notificationHearingReinstatement of license.

(1) Whenever the director finds a food storage warehouse operating under conditions that constitute an immediate danger to public health or whenever the licensee or any employee of the licensee actively prevents the director or the director's representative, during an on-site inspection, from determining whether such a condition exists, the director may summarily suspend, pending a hearing, a license provided for in this chapter.
(2) Whenever a license is summarily suspended, the holder of the license shall be notified in writing that the license is, upon service of the notice, immediately suspended and that prompt opportunity for a hearing will be provided.
(3) Whenever a license is summarily suspended, food distribution operations shall immediately cease. However, the director may reinstate the license if the condition that caused the suspension has been abated to the director's satisfaction.
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