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Prearrangement sales license.

To enter into prearrangement contracts as defined in RCW 68.46.010, a cemetery authority shall have a valid prearrangement sales license. To apply for a prearrangement sales license, a cemetery authority shall:
(1) File with the board its request showing:
(a) Its name, location, and organization date;
(b) The kinds of cemetery business or merchandise it proposes to transact;
(c) A statement of its current financial condition, management, and affairs on a form satisfactory to or furnished by the board; and
(d) Such other documents, stipulations, or information as the board may reasonably require to evidence compliance with the provisions of this chapter; and
(2) Deposit with the department the fees required by this chapter to be paid for filing the accompanying documents, and for the prearrangement sales license, if granted.
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