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Creation of compact committee.

(1) There is created an interstate governmental entity to be known as the "compact committee" which shall be comprised of one official from the racing commission or its equivalent in each party state who shall be appointed, serve, and be subject to removal in accordance with the laws of the party state he or she represents. Under the laws of his or her party state, each official shall have the assistance of his or her state's racing commission or the equivalent thereof in considering issues related to licensing of participants in live racing and in fulfilling his or her responsibilities as the representative from his or her state to the compact committee. If an official is unable to perform any duty in connection with the powers and duties of the compact committee, the racing commission or equivalent thereof from his or her state shall designate another of its members as an alternate who shall serve in his or her place and represent the party state as its official on the compact committee until that racing commission or equivalent thereof determines that the original representative official is able once again to perform his or her duties as that party state's representative official on the compact committee. The designation of an alternate shall be communicated by the affected state's racing commission or equivalent thereof to the compact committee as the committee's bylaws may provide.
(2) The horse racing commission shall appoint the official to represent the state of Washington on the compact committee for a term of four years. No official may serve more than three consecutive terms. A vacancy shall be filled by the horse racing commission for the unexpired term.


Effective date2011 1st sp.s. c 21: See note following RCW 72.23.025.
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