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The legislature recognizes that confusion exists regarding the classification of manufactured homes as personal or real property. This confusion is increased because manufactured homes are treated as vehicles in some parts of state statutes, however these homes are often used as residences to house persons residing in the state of Washington. This results in a variety of problems, including: (1) Creating confusion as to the creation, perfection, and priority of security interests in manufactured homes; (2) making it more difficult and expensive to obtain financing and title insurance; (3) making it more difficult to utilize manufactured homes as an affordable housing option; and (4) increasing the risk of problems for and losses to the consumer. Therefore the purpose of this chapter is to clarify the type of property manufactured homes are, particularly relating to security interests, and to provide a statutory process to make the manufactured home real property by eliminating the title to a manufactured home when the home is affixed to land owned by the homeowner.
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