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Adverse claimsProcedure.

Any person claiming any right or interest in registered land, adverse to the registered owner, arising subsequent to the date of the original registration, may, if no other provision is made in this chapter for registering the same, make a statement in writing, setting forth fully his or her alleged right or interest and how or under whom acquired, and a reference to the volume and page of the certificate of title of the registered owner, and a description of the land to which the right or interest is claimed. The statement shall be signed and sworn to, and shall state the adverse claimant's residence, and designate a place at which all notices may be served upon him or her. This statement shall be entitled to registration, as an adverse claim; and the court, upon the petition of any party in interest, shall grant a speedy hearing upon the question of the validity of such adverse claim, and shall enter such decree thereon as equity and justice may require.
If the claim is adjudged to be invalid, its registration shall be canceled. The court may, in any case, award such costs and damages, including reasonable attorneys' fees, as it may deem just in the premises.
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