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Registered instruments to contain names and addressesService of notices.

Every writing and instrument required or permitted by this chapter to be filed for registration, shall contain or have endorsed upon it, the full name, place of residence, and post office address of the grantee or other person requiring or claiming any right, title, or interest under such instrument. Any change in residence or post office address of such person shall be endorsed by the registrar of titles in the original instrument, on receiving a sworn statement of such change. All names and addresses shall also be entered on all certificates. All notices required by, or given in pursuance of the provisions of this chapter by the registrar of titles or by the court, after original registration, shall be served upon the person to be notified; if a resident of the state of Washington, as summons in civil actions are served; and proof of such service shall be made as on the return of a summons. All such notices shall be sent by mail, to the person to be notified, if not a resident of the state of Washington, and his or her residence and post office address, as stated in the certificate of title, or in any registered instrument under which he or she claims an interest. The certificate of the registrar of titles, or clerk of court, that any notice has been served, by mailing the same, as aforesaid, shall be conclusive proof of such notice: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That the court may, in any case, order different or further service by publication or otherwise.
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