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Registration when owner's certificate withheld.

In every case where the registrar of titles enters a memorial upon a certificate of title, or enters a new certificate of title, in pursuance of any instrument executed by the registered owner, or by reason of any instrument or proceeding which affects or devises the title of the registered owner against his or her consent, if the outstanding owner's duplicate certificate is not presented, the registrar of titles shall not enter a new certificate or make a memorial, but the person claiming to be entitled thereto may apply by petition to the court. The court may order the registered owner, or any person withholding the duplicate certificate, to present or surrender the same, and direct the entry of a memorial or new certificate upon such presentation or surrender. If, in any case, the person withholding the duplicate certificate is not amenable to the process of the court, or cannot be found, or if, for any reason, the outstanding owner's duplicate certificate cannot be presented or surrendered without delay, the court may, by decree, annul the same, and order a new certificate of title to be entered. Such new certificate, and all duplicates thereof, shall contain a memorial of the annulment of the outstanding duplicate. If in any case of an outstanding mortgagee's or lessee's duplicate certificate shall be withheld or otherwise dealt with, like proceedings may be had to obtain registration as in case of the owner's withholding or refusing to deliver the duplicate receipt.
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