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Registration on inheritance.

The heirs at law and devisees, upon the death of an owner of lands, and any estate or interest therein, registered pursuant to this chapter, on the expiration of thirty days after the entry of the decree of the superior court granting letters testamentary or of administration, or, in case of an appeal from such decree, at any time after the entry of a final decree, may file a certified copy of the final decree, of the superior court having jurisdiction, and of the will, if any, with the clerk of the superior court, in the county in which the land lies, and make application to the court for an order for the entry of a new certificate of title. The court shall issue notice to the executor or administrator and all other persons in interest, and may also give notice by publication in such newspaper or newspapers as it may deem proper, to all whom it may concern; and after hearing, may direct the entry of a new certificate or certificates to the person or persons who appear to be entitled thereto as heirs or devisees. Any new certificate so entered before the final settlement of the estate of the deceased owner, in the superior courts, shall state expressly that it is entered by transfer from the last certificate by descent or devise, and that the estate is in process of settlement. After the final settlement of the estate in the superior court, or after the expiration of the time allowed by law for bringing an action against an executor or administrator by creditors of the deceased, the heirs at law or devisees may petition the court for an order to cancel the memorial upon their certificates, stating that the estate is in the course of settlement, and the court, after such notice as it may order, and a hearing, may grant the petition: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That the liability of registered land to be sold for claims against the estate of the deceased, shall not in any way be diminished or changed.
[ 1907 c 250 § 73; RRS § 10702.]
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