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Registration of final decreeNew certificate.

In any action affecting registered land a judgment or final decree shall be entitled to registration on the presentation of a certified copy of the entry thereof from the clerk of the court where the action is pending to the registrar of titles. The registrar of titles shall enter a memorial thereof upon the original certificates of title, and upon the owner's duplicate, and also upon the mortgagee's and lessee's duplicate, if any there be outstanding. When the registered owner of such land is, by such judgment or decree, divested of his or her estate in fee to the land or any part thereof, the plaintiff or defendant shall be entitled to a new certificate of title for the land, or that part thereof, designated in the judgment or decree, and the registrar of titles shall enter such new certificate of title, and issue a new owner's duplicate, in such manner as is provided in the case of voluntary conveyance: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That no such new certificate of title shall be entered, except upon the order of the superior court of the county in which the land is situated, and upon the filing in the office of the registrar of titles, an order of the court directing the entry of such new certificate.
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