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Conveyance of registered land.

An owner of registered land, conveying the same, or any portion thereof, in fee, shall execute a deed of conveyance, which the grantor shall file with the registrar of titles in the county where the land lies. The owner's duplicate certificate shall be surrendered at the same time and shall be by the registrar marked "Canceled". The original certificate of title shall also be marked "Canceled". The registrar of titles shall thereupon entered in the register of titles, a new certificate of title to the grantee, and shall prepare and deliver to such grantee an owner's duplicate certificate. All incumbrances, claims, or interests adverse to the title of the registered owner shall be stated upon the new certificate or certificates, except insofar as they may be simultaneously released or discharged.
When only a part of the land described in a certificate is transferred, or some estate or interest in the land is to remain in the transferor, a new certificate shall be issued to him or her, for the part, estate, or interest remaining in him or her.
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