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New certificateRegister of less than feeWhen form of memorial in doubt.

No new certificate shall be entered or issued upon any transfer of registered land, which does not divest the title in fee simple of said land or some part thereof, from the owner or some one of the registered owners. All interest in the registered land, less than a freehold estate, shall be registered by filing with the registrar of titles, the instruments creating, transferring, or claiming such interest, and by a brief memorandum or memorial thereof, made by a registrar of titles upon the certificate of title, and signed by him or her. A similar memorandum, or memorial, shall also be made on the owner's duplicate.
The cancellation or extinguishment of such interests shall be registered in the same manner. When any party in interest does not agree as to the proper memorial to be made upon the filing of any instrument, (voluntary or involuntary), presented for registration, or where the registrar of titles is in doubt as to the form of such memorial, the question shall be referred to the court for decision, either on the certificate of the registrar of titles, or upon the demand in writing of any party in interest.
The registrar of titles shall bring before the court all the papers and evidence which may be necessary for the determination of the question by the court. The court, after notice to all parties in interest and a hearing, shall enter an order prescribing the form of the memorial, and the registrar of titles shall make registration in accordance therewith.
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