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The application shall be in writing and shall be signed and verified by the oath of the applicant, or the person acting in his or her behalf. It shall set forth substantially:
(1) The name and place of residence of the applicant, and if the application is by one acting in behalf of another, the name and place of residence and capacity of the person so acting.
(2) Whether the applicant (except in the case of a corporation) is married or not, and, if married, the name and residence of the husband or wife, and the age of the applicant.
(3) The description of the land and the assessed value thereof, exclusive of improvements, according to the last official assessment, the same to be taken as a basis for the payments required under RCW 65.12.670 and 65.12.790(1).
(4) The applicant's estate or interest in the same, and whether the same is subject to homestead exemption.
(5) The names of all persons or parties who appear of record to have any title, claim, estate, lien, or interest in the lands described in the application for registration.
(6) Whether the land is occupied or unoccupied, and if occupied by any other person than the applicant, the name and post office address of each occupant, and what estate he or she has or claims in the land.
(7) Whether the land is subject to any lien or incumbrance, and if any, give the nature and amount of the same, and if recorded, the book and page of record; also give the name and post office address of each holder thereof.
(8) Whether any other person has any estate or claims any interest in the land, in law or equity, in possession, remainder, reversion, or expectancy, and if any, set forth the name and post office address of every such person and the nature of his or her estate or claim.
(9) In case it is desired to settle or establish boundary lines, the names and post office addresses of all the owners of the adjoining lands that may be affected thereby, as far as he or she is able, upon diligent inquiry, to ascertain the same.
(10) If the application is on behalf of a minor, the age of such minor shall be stated.
(11) When the place of residence of any person whose residence is required to be given is unknown, it may be so stated if the applicant will also state that upon diligent inquiry he or she had been unable to ascertain the same.
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