Chapter 65.12 RCW



65.12.005Registration authorizedWho may apply.
65.12.010Land subject to a lesser estate.
65.12.015Tax title landConditions to registration.
65.12.025Various lands in one application.
65.12.030Amendment of application.
65.12.035Form of application.
65.12.040VenuePower of the court.
65.12.050Registrars of titles.
65.12.055Bond of registrar.
65.12.060Deputy registrarDutiesVacancy.
65.12.065Registrar not to practice lawLiability for deputy.
65.12.070Nonresident to appoint agent.
65.12.080Filing applicationDocket and record entries.
65.12.085Filing abstract of title.
65.12.090Examiner of titlesAppointmentOathBond.
65.12.100Copy of application as lis pendens.
65.12.110Examination of title.
65.12.120Summons to issue.
65.12.130Parties to action.
65.12.135Service of summons.
65.12.140Copy mailed to nonresidentsProofExpense.
65.12.145Guardians ad litem.
65.12.150Who may appearAnswer.
65.12.155Judgment by defaultProof.
65.12.160Cause set for trialDefaultReferral.
65.12.165Court may require further proof.
65.12.170Application dismissed or withdrawn.
65.12.175Decree of registrationEffectAppellate review.
65.12.180Rights of persons not served.
65.12.190Limitation of actions.
65.12.195Title free from incumbrancesExceptions.
65.12.210Interest acquired after filing application.
65.12.225Withdrawal authorizedEffect.
65.12.230Application to withdraw.
65.12.235Certificate of withdrawal.
65.12.240Effect of recording.
65.12.245Title prior to withdrawal unaffected.
65.12.250Entry of registrationRecords.
65.12.255Certificate of title.
65.12.260Owner's certificateReceipt.
65.12.265Tenants in common.
65.12.270Subsequent certificates.
65.12.275Exchange of certificatesPlatting land.
65.12.280Effective date of certificate.
65.12.290Certificate of title as evidence.
65.12.300Indexes and filesForms.
65.12.310Tract and alphabetical indexes.
65.12.320Dealings with registered land.
65.12.330Registration has effect of recording.
65.12.340FilingNumberingIndexingPublic records.
65.12.350Duplicate of instruments certifiedFees.
65.12.360New certificateRegister of less than feeWhen form of memorial in doubt.
65.12.370Owner's certificate to be produced when new certificate issued.
65.12.375Owner's duplicate certificate.
65.12.380Conveyance of registered land.
65.12.390Certificate of tax payment.
65.12.400Registered land charged as other land.
65.12.410Conveyances by attorney-in-fact.
65.12.420Encumbrances by owner.
65.12.430Registration of mortgages.
65.12.435Dealings with mortgages.
65.12.440Foreclosures on registered land.
65.12.445Registration of final decreeNew certificate.
65.12.450Title on foreclosureRegistration.
65.12.460Petition for new certificate.
65.12.470Registration of leases.
65.12.480Instruments with conditions.
65.12.490Transfers between trustees.
65.12.500Trustee may register land.
65.12.510Creation of lien on registered land.
65.12.520Registration of liens.
65.12.530Entry as to plaintiff's attorney.
65.12.550Title acquired on execution.
65.12.560Termination of proceedings.
65.12.570Land registered only after redemption period.
65.12.580Registration on inheritance.
65.12.590Probate court may direct sale of registered land.
65.12.600Trustees and receivers.
65.12.610Eminent domainReversion.
65.12.620Registration when owner's certificate withheld.
65.12.630Reference to examiner of title.
65.12.635Examiner of titles.
65.12.640Registered instruments to contain names and addressesService of notices.
65.12.650Adverse claimsProcedure.
65.12.660Assurance fund.
65.12.670Investment of fund.
65.12.680Recoveries from fund.
65.12.690Parties defendantJudgmentPaymentDuties of county attorney.
65.12.700When fund not liableMaximum liability.
65.12.710Limitation of actions.
65.12.720Proceeding to change records.
65.12.730Certificate subject of theftPenalty.
65.12.750FraudFalse entriesPenalty.
65.12.770Civil actions unaffected.
65.12.780Fees of clerk.
65.12.790Fees of registrar.
65.12.800Disposition of fees.
65.12.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.