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Mandatory mediation.

(1) The parties to an action subject to this chapter and RCW 64.34.073, 64.34.100(2), 64.34.410 (1)(nn) and (2), and 64.34.415(1)(b) shall engage in mediation. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the mediation required by this section shall commence within seven months of the later of the filing or service of the complaint. If the parties cannot agree upon a mediator, the court shall appoint a mediator.
(2) Prior to the mediation required by this section, the parties and their experts shall meet and confer in good faith to attempt to resolve or narrow the scope of the disputed issues, including issues related to the parties' repair plans.
(3) Prior to the mandatory mediation, the parties or their attorneys shall file and serve a declaration that:
(a) A decision maker with authority to settle will be available for the duration of the mandatory mediation; and
(b) The decision maker has been provided with and has reviewed the mediation materials provided by the party to which the decision maker is affiliated as well as the materials submitted by the opposing parties.
(4) Completion of the mediation required by this section occurs upon written notice of termination by any party. The provisions of RCW 64.55.160 shall not apply to any later mediation conducted following such notice.
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