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Handling of claimPrompt responseProcedures.

A qualified insurer must, on receipt of a notice of a claim under a qualified warranty, promptly make reasonable attempts to contact the claimant to arrange an evaluation of the claim. Claims shall be handled in accordance with the claims procedures set forth in rules by the insurance commissioner, and as follows:
(1) The qualified insurer must make all reasonable efforts to avoid delays in responding to a claim under a qualified warranty, evaluating the claim, and scheduling any required repairs.
(2) If, after evaluating a claim under a qualified warranty, the qualified insurer determines that the claim is not valid, or not covered under the qualified warranty, the qualified insurer must: (a) Notify the claimant of the decision in writing; (b) set out the reasons for the decision; and (c) set out the rights of the parties under the third-party dispute resolution process for the warranty.
(3) Repairs must be undertaken in a timely manner, with reasonable consideration given to weather conditions and the availability of materials and labor.
(4) On completing any repairs, the qualified insurer must deliver a copy of the repair specifications to the claimant along with a letter confirming the date the repairs were completed and referencing the repair warranty provided for in RCW 64.35.335.
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