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Failure to provide informationConditions or exclusions may not apply.

(1) If coverage under a qualified warranty is conditional on an owner undertaking proper maintenance, or if coverage is excluded for damage caused by negligence by the owner or association with respect to maintenance or repair by the owner or association, the conditions or exclusions apply only to maintenance requirements or procedures: (a) Provided to the original owner in the case of the unit warranty, and to the association for the common element warranty with an estimation of the required cost thereof for the common element warranty provided in the budget prepared by the declarant; or (b) that would be obvious to a reasonable and prudent layperson. Recommended maintenance requirements and procedures are sufficient for purposes of this subsection if consistent with knowledge generally available in the construction industry at the time the qualified warranty is issued.
(2) If an original owner or the association has not been provided with the manufacturer's documentation or warranty information, or both, or with recommended maintenance and repair procedures for any component of a unit, the relevant exclusion does not apply. The common element warranty is included in the written warranty to be provided to the association under RCW 64.34.312.
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