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Beginning dates for warranty coverageSpecial casesDeclarant control.

(1) If an unsold unit is occupied as a rental unit, the qualified warranty beginning date for such unit is the date the unit is first occupied.
(2) If the declarant subsequently offers to sell a unit which is rented, the declarant must disclose, in writing, to each prospective purchaser, the date on which the qualified warranty expires.
(3) If the declarant retains any declarant control over the association on the date that is fourteen full calendar months following the month in which the beginning date for common element warranty coverage commences, the declarant shall within thirty days thereafter cause an election to be held in which the declarant may not vote, for the purpose of electing one or more board members who are empowered to make warranty claims. If at such time, one or more independent board members hold office, no additional election need be held, and such independent board members are empowered to make warranty claims. The declarant shall inform all independent board members of their right to make warranty claims at no later than sixteen full calendar months following the beginning date of the common element warranty.
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