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Distressed home reconveyanceEntire agreementTermsNotice.

The contract required in RCW 61.34.080 must contain the entire agreement of the parties and must include the following:
(1) The name, business address, and telephone number of the distressed home purchaser;
(2) The address of the distressed home;
(3) The total consideration to be provided by the distressed home purchaser in connection with or incident to the sale;
(4) A complete description of the terms of payment or other consideration including, but not limited to, any services of any nature that the distressed home purchaser represents that he or she will perform for the distressed homeowner before or after the sale;
(5) The time at which possession is to be transferred to the distressed home purchaser;
(6) A complete description of the terms of any related agreement designed to allow the distressed homeowner to remain in the home, such as a rental agreement, repurchase agreement, or lease with option to buy;
(7) A complete description of the interest, if any, the distressed homeowner maintains in the proceeds of, or consideration to be paid upon, the resale of the distressed home;
(8) A notice of cancellation as provided in RCW 61.34.110; and
(9) The following notice in at least fourteen-point boldface type if the contract is printed, or in capital letters if the contract is typed, and completed with the name of the distressed home purchaser, immediately above the statement required in RCW 61.34.110;
Until your right to cancel this contract has ended, . . . . . . (Name) or anyone working for . . . . . . (Name) CANNOT ask you to sign or have you sign any deed or any other document."
The contract required by this section survives delivery of any instrument of conveyance of the distressed home and has no effect on persons other than the parties to the contract.
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