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Persons entitled to crop liensProperty subject to lien.

(1) A landlord whose lease or other agreement with the tenant provides for cash rental payment shall have a lien upon all crops grown upon the demised land in which the landlord has an interest for payment of no more than one year's rent, where the last or only payment of such one year's rent is due or will become due within six months following the last day of harvest of the crops encumbered by the crop lien. A landlord with a crop share agreement has an interest in the growing crop which shall not be encumbered by crop liens except as provided in subsections (2) and (3) of this section.
(2) A supplier shall have a lien upon all crops for which the supplies are used or applied for payment of the purchase price of the supplies and/or services performed: PROVIDED, That the landlord's interest in the crop shall only be subject to the lien for the amount obligated to be paid by the landlord if prior written consent of the landlord is obtained or if the landlord has agreed in writing with the tenant to pay or be responsible for a portion of the supplies and/or services provided by the lienholder.
(3) A handler shall have a lien on all orchard crops delivered by the lien debtor or another handler to the handler and on all proceeds of the orchard crops for payment of: (a) All customary charges for the ordinary and necessary handling of the orchard crop, including but not limited to charges for transporting, receiving, inspecting, materials and supplies furnished, washing, waxing, sorting, packing, storing, promoting, marketing, selling, advertising, insuring, or otherwise handling the lien debtor's orchard crop; and (b) reasonable cooperative per unit retainages, and for all governmental or quasi-governmental assessments imposed by statute, ordinance, or government regulation. Charges shall not include direct or indirect advances or extensions of credit to a lien debtor.
[2000 c 250 § 9A-825; 1991 c 286 § 2; 1986 c 242 § 2.]


Effective date2000 c 250: See RCW 62A.9A-701.
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