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Order charging partnership interest or directing sale.

If it appears from the examination or testimony taken in the special proceedings authorized by this chapter that the judgment debtor owns an interest in a partnership, the judge who granted the order or warrant or to whom it is returnable may in his or her discretion, upon such notice to other partners as the judge deems just, and to the extent permitted by Title 25 RCW, (1) enter an order charging the partnership interest with payment of the judgment, directing that all or any part of distributions or other amounts becoming due to the judgment debtor, other than earnings as defined in RCW 6.27.010, be paid to a receiver if one has been appointed, otherwise to the clerk of the court that entered the judgment, for application to payment of the judgment in the same manner as proceeds from sale on execution and, in aid of the charging order, the court may make such other orders as a case requires, or (2) enter an order directing sale of the partnership interest in the same manner as personal property is sold on execution.
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