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Affidavit of adverse claimantBondHearing.

(1) An adverse claimant to property levied on may demand and receive the property from the sheriff who made the levy, upon making and delivering to the sheriff an affidavit that the property is owned by the claimant or that the claimant has a right to the immediate possession thereof, stating on oath the value thereof, and giving to the sheriff a bond, with sureties in double the value of such property. The bond shall be conditioned that the claimant will appear in the court specified in RCW 6.19.050 after the bond is accepted by the sheriff, and make good the claim in the affidavit or will return the property or pay its value to the sheriff.
(2) Without giving a bond, an adverse claimant who delivers to the sheriff an affidavit as described in subsection (1) of this section may, on motion made within seven days after delivering the affidavit, appear in the court specified in RCW 6.19.050, with notice to the sheriff and to the attorney of record for the levying creditor, if any, otherwise to the levying creditor, and set a hearing at which the probable validity of the claim stated in the affidavit can be considered. If the court, after the hearing, finds that the claim is probably valid, it shall direct the sheriff to release the claimed property to the claimant; otherwise, the court shall direct the sheriff to continue to hold the property unless the claimant gives a bond as provided in subsection (1) of this section.
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