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Notice of filing patentAbandonment of claim.

The said council must give public notice by advertising for four weeks in a newspaper published in said city or town, or, if there be no newspaper published in said city or town, then by publication in some newspaper having general circulation in such city or town, and not less than five written or printed notices must be posted in public places within the limits of such city or townsite; such notice must state that patent for said townsite (or certified copy thereof) has been filed in the county auditor's office. If any person, company, association or any other claimant of lands in such city or town fails, neglects or refuses to make application to the council for a deed of conveyance to the lands so claimed, and to pay the sums of money specified in this chapter, within three months after filing of such patent, or a certified copy thereof, in the office of the county auditor, shall be deemed to have abandoned the same and to have forfeited all right, title and interest therein or thereto both in law and in equity as against the trustee of said townsite, and such abandoned or forfeited lot or lots shall be sold as unoccupied lands, and the proceeds thereof placed in the special fund in this chapter mentioned.
[ 1909 c 231 § 15; RRS § 11499. Prior: 1888 c 124 pp 216-220.]
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