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Councils' duties when townsites on United States landSurvey, notice ofBids forFranchises continued.

Before proceeding to make such survey, at least ten days' notice thereof must be given, by posting within the limits of such city or townsite, not less than five written or printed notices of the time when such survey shall commence, or by publication thereof in a newspaper published in the city or town, if one there be. The survey of said city or town lands must be made to the best advantage and at the least expense to the holders, claimants and occupants thereof; and the council is hereby authorized and directed to receive bids for such surveying, and to let the same by contract to the lowest competent bidder: PROVIDED, That the possessors, owners and claimants of waterworks, electric light, telegraph, telephone, pipe or power lines, sewers and like or similar property located in such roads, streets, alleys and other public places in such cities and towns shall be maintained and protected in the same, as the same shall exist at the time of the entry in the United States land office of the land embracing such city or town, and the right to continue to use such property for the purposes for which said property was intended, is hereby acknowledged and confirmed.
[ 1909 c 231 § 4; RRS § 11488. Prior: 1888 c 124 pp 216-220.]
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