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Platted streets, public highwaysLack of compliance, penalty.

All streets, lanes, and alleys, laid off and recorded in accordance with *the foregoing provisions, shall be considered, to all intents and purposes, public highways, and any person who may lay off any town or any addition to any town in this state, and neglect or refuse to comply with the requisitions aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay for the use of said town, for every month he or she may delay a compliance with the provisions of this chapter, a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, nor less than five dollars, to be recovered by civil action, in the name of the treasurer of the county.
[ 2010 c 8 s 18001; Code 1881 s 2332; 1862 p 431 s 5; 1857 p 26 s 5; no RRS.]


*Reviser's note: "the foregoing provisions" refer to earlier sections of chapter 178, Code of 1881 codified (as amended) in RCW 58.08.010 through 58.08.030.
Platted streets as public highways: RCW 58.08.050.
Regulation of surveys and plats: RCW 58.10.040.
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