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Alternative procedureResolution.

As an alternative procedure to those set forth in RCW 57.28.010 through 57.28.030, the withdrawal of territory within a district may be commenced by a resolution of the board of commissioners that sets forth boundaries of the territory to be withdrawn and sets a date for the public hearing required under RCW 57.28.050. Upon the final hearing, the board of commissioners shall make such changes in the proposed boundaries as they deem proper, except that no changes in the boundary lines may be made by the board of commissioners to include lands not within the boundaries of the territory as described in such resolution.
Whenever the board of commissioners proposes to commence the withdrawal of any portion of its territory located within a city or town using the alternative procedures herein authorized, it shall first notify such city or town of their [its] intent to withdraw the territory. If the legislative authority of the city or town takes no action within sixty days of receipt of notification, the district may proceed with the resolution method.
If the city or town legislative authority disapproves of use of the alternative procedures, the board of commissioners may proceed using the process established under RCW 57.28.010 through 57.28.030.
A withdrawal procedure commenced under this section shall be subject to the procedures and requirements set forth in RCW 57.28.040 through 57.28.110.


Part headings not lawEffective date1996 c 230: See notes following RCW 57.02.001.
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