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TreasurerDesignationApprovalPowers and dutiesBond.

Upon obtaining the approval of the county treasurer, the board of commissioners of a district with more than twenty-five hundred water customers or sewer customers may designate by resolution some other person having experience in financial or fiscal matters as the treasurer of the district. Such a treasurer shall possess all of the powers, responsibilities, and duties of, and shall be subject to the same restrictions as provided by law for, the county treasurer with regard to a district, and the county auditor with regard to district financial matters. Such treasurer shall be bonded for not less than twenty-five thousand dollars. Approval by the county treasurer authorizing such a district to designate its treasurer shall not be arbitrarily or capriciously withheld.


Part headings not lawEffective date1996 c 230: See notes following RCW 57.02.001.
Ratification1988 c 162 §§ 10 and 11: "Any action taken by a sewer district treasurer or water district treasurer prior to March 21, 1988, and consistent with sections 10 and 11 of this act is ratified and confirmed." [ 1988 c 162 § 12.]
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