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1931 validation.

Each and all of the respective areas of land heretofore organized or attempted to be organized or incorporated under *chapter 161 of the Laws of 1913, and amendments thereto, are each hereby declared to be and created into duly existing water districts having the respective boundaries set forth in their respective organization proceedings as shown in the files and records of the office of the board of county commissioners of the county in which said organization, or attempted organization is located. The water districts validated or created by this act shall have the same rights, liabilities, duties and obligations as water districts created under chapter 114 of the Laws of 1929, and amendments thereto: PROVIDED, That the provisions of this act shall apply only to those water districts which have maintained their organization as water districts since the date of their attempted incorporation or establishment: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That nothing herein contained shall be deemed to validate the debts, contracts, bonds or other obligations executed prior to this act in connection with or in pursuance of such attempted organization, and all taxes or assessments shall hereafter be levied in accordance with the act of 1929, chapter 114, approved March 13, 1929.
[ 1931 c 71 § 1; RRS § 11604.]


*Reviser's note: The language "chapter 161 of the Laws of 1913" appears in 1931 c 71 § 1. See note following RCW 57.06.010.
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