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1927 validation.

In case an attempt has been made to organize a water district not containing within its boundaries any incorporated city or town, and either through inadvertence or mistake the election for the organization of the district was held more than thirty days from the date of such certificate of the county auditor but less than sixty days from such date, such proceedings shall not be deemed invalid by reason thereof, and in case all other proceedings in connection with the organization of any such water district were regular, such proceedings are hereby validated and all bonds and warrants issued or to be issued by any such water district are hereby declared to be valid.
[ 1927 c 230 § 2; RRS § 11581-1.]


Reviser's note: This section appeared in an act the first section of which amended RRS § 11581 which compiled 1913 c 161 § 3 as amended. 1913 c 161 was declared unconstitutional in Drum v. Univ. Place Water Dist., 144 Wash. 585, 258 P. 505 (1927). The current basic water district act codified in this title is 1929 c 114.
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