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Authority to provide money and/or property, issue revenue bondsDeclaration of public purpose.

Any such city, public utility district, or joint operating agency participating in common facilities under this chapter, without an election, may furnish money and provide property, both real and personal, issue and sell revenue bonds pledging revenues of its electric system and its interest or share of the revenues derived from the common facilities and any additions and betterments thereto in order to pay its respective share of the costs of the planning, financing, acquisition and construction thereof. Such bonds shall be issued under the provisions of applicable laws authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds for the acquisition and construction of electric public utility properties by cities, public utility districts, or joint operating agencies as the case may be. All moneys paid or property supplied by any such city, public utility district, or joint operating agency for the purpose of carrying out the powers conferred herein are declared to be for a public purpose.
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