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Contracts with other agencies or utilitiesGifts, etc.Employees and expertsAdvancements.

A district may enter into any contract or agreement with the United States, or any state, municipality, or other utility district, or any department of those entities, or with any cooperative, mutual, consumer-owned utility, or with any investor-owned utility or with an association of any of such utilities, for carrying out any of the powers authorized by this title.
It may acquire by gift, devise, bequest, lease, or purchase, real and personal property necessary or convenient for its purposes, or for any local district therein.
It may make contracts, employ engineers, attorneys, and other technical or professional assistance; print and publish information or literature; advertise or promote the sale and distribution of electricity or water and do all other things necessary to carry out the provisions of this title.
It may advance funds, jointly fund or jointly advance funds for surveys, plans, investigations, or studies as set forth in RCW 54.16.010, including costs of investigations, design and licensing of properties and rights of the type described in RCW 54.16.020, including the cost of technical and professional assistance, and for the advertising and promotion of the sale and distribution of electricity or water.
[ 1969 c 106 § 7; 1955 c 390 § 10. Prior: 1945 c 143 § 1(h), (i), (j), part; 1931 c 1 § 6(h), (i), (j), part; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 11610(h), (i), (j), part.]


ConstructionSeverability1969 c 106: See notes following RCW 54.08.041.
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