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Annexation of territory.

In addition to other powers authorized in Title 54 RCW, public utility districts may annex territory as provided in this section.
The boundaries of a public utility district may be enlarged and new contiguous territory added pursuant to the procedures for annexation by cities and towns provided in RCW 35.13.015 through 35.13.110. The provisions of these sections concerning *community municipal corporations, review boards, and comprehensive plans, however, do not apply to public utility district annexations. For purposes of conforming with such procedures, the public utility district is deemed to be the city or town and the board of commissioners is deemed to be the city or town legislative body.
Annexation procedures provided in this section may only be used to annex territory that is both: (1) Contiguous to the annexing public utility district; and (2) located within the service area of the annexing public utility district. As used in this section, a public utility district's "service area" means those areas whether located within or outside of the annexing public utility district's boundaries that were generally served with electrical energy by the annexing public utility district on January 1, 1987. Such service area may, or may not, have been recognized in an agreement made under chapter 54.48 RCW, but no area may be included within such service area that was generally served with electrical energy on January 1, 1987, by another public utility as defined in RCW 54.48.010. An area proposed to be annexed may be located in the same or a different county as the annexing public utility district.
If an area proposed to be annexed is located within the boundaries of another public utility district, annexation may be initiated only upon petition of registered voters residing in the area in accordance with RCW 35.13.020 and adoption by the boards of commissioners of both districts of identical resolutions stating (a) the boundaries of the area to be annexed, (b) a determination that annexation is in the public interest of the residents of the area to be annexed as well as the public interest of their respective districts, (c) approval of annexation by the board, (d) the boundaries of the districts after annexation, (e) the disposition of any assets of the districts in the area to be annexed, (f) the obligations to be assumed by the annexing district, (g) apportionment of election costs, and (h) that voters in the area to be annexed will be advised of lawsuits that may impose liability on the annexed territory and the possible impact of annexation on taxes and utility rates.
If annexation is approved, the area annexed shall cease to be a part of the one public utility district at the same time that it becomes a part of the other district. The annexing public utility district shall assume responsibility for providing the area annexed with the services provided by the other public utility district in the area annexed.


*Reviser's note: RCW 35.13.015 through 35.13.110 were amended by 2022 c 26, deleting the provisions for "community municipal corporations."
Consolidation and annexation: Chapter 54.32 RCW.
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